The God Christianity Worships

The God Christianity Worships is Father and Son and Holy Spirit

Paul W. Flesher’s article entitled: “The Three Monotheistic Religions: Children of One Father” recommends an art exhibition, which might very well be worth while. The article, however, is marred by the assertion that Judaism, Christianity and Islam “claim to worship the same god.”

Of course it can be justified in the perspective of History of Religion, and perhaps also in the perspectives of Philosophy of Religion and Psychology of Religions, to perceive Christianity as a development of Judaism, and Islam as a further development from Christianity.

The claim that the three religions claim to worship the same god, however, is falsely ascribed to the Christian faith. The God the Christian faith worships is the Triune God, Father and Son and Holy Spirit. Christianity claims that it was this the one and only true God who revealed Himself to Abraham, and later gave the final revelation of Himself when He sent His Son into the world to suffer for the salvation of sinners, and gave His Spirit to His Church, who is also God Himself, and by whom God now lives and works in His Church and in His Christians.

Neither Judaism nor Islam claims to worship a God who is Father and Son and Holy Spirit. Neither of them claims to worship Christ. Nor does Christianity claim that either of them does. As such, it is a patently false assertion that the three religions “claim to worship the same God.”

The misunderstanding reflected in Professor Flesher’s article is not uncommon, though. Opponents of the Christian faith, have attacked the divinity of Christ through the ages. The influence some of them have had on common culture has undoubtedly been a major contributor to the widespread ignorance as to what the Christian faith actually is. Many are unfamiliar with the exceptional truth that is the actual claim of Christianity: that God Himself has died for us, and lives in us, and gives His own heavenly life to us, out of His goodness and mercy. For Christians, this claim is precious truth, and can not be given up for anything.

Again, the art exhibition advertised by Professor Flesher might very well be worthwhile; the desire for peace certainly is laudable. Professor Flesher’s presentation, however, once again leaves the impression of a main premise along the lines that a condition for coexistence is for Christians to give up their faith and stop being Christian.

And that is not what coexistence is.


Pastor Jais H. Tinglund

South Big Horn Lutheran Parish

Posted in Newspaper Article.